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When it comes to production, we bring the experience of the past and vision of the future together to bring powerful stories to life.

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The future is virtual.

While Sonic Gods is a full service, end to end, creative and content production company, we’ve adopted the most innovative technology and techniques in media production, creating a new freedom from budget restrictions, an unlimited creative canvas and a meaningful reduction in timelines resulting in an end to end process that is streamlined and completely open to a new world of possibilities.

Virtual Production Benefits

Streamline Time

• Shoot more content in way less time
• Shoot at different locations with one click without moving the entire production

Maximize Budgets

• Huge savings on travel, crew, talent days, logistics
• No permits

Control The Environment

• On a sound stage, no need to worry about weather conditions
• You have complete control over the time of day. Want to shoot golden hour for 5 hours... go ahead!

On Location, Studio Comfort

• Unlimited locations & environments all in one contained studio conveniently located in Burbank, CA  
• State of the art green room lounges and facilities for A-list talent and teams - no trailers needed

Unlimited Creativity

• Virtual production allows an almost limitless sandbox for creativity.

Stage 1 - Cyc

- 3,200 Sq Ft
- 17' Grid
- Fully Mapped for Virtual Production
- Multi-cam Virtual Production
- Mo-Sys Startracker Max Systems
- Unreal Engine enabled

Stage 2 - LED Wall

- 6,600 Sq Ft
- 17' Grid
- 40'x14' Curved LED Wall
- Three 6'x6' Mobile LED Walls
- Mo-Sys Star Tracker Max Systems
- Unreal Engine enabled

Green Screen Virtual

Green screen virtual production involves shooting the talent against a green or blue screen backdrop during filming.

The green screen acts as a chroma key, which can be easily replaced with computer-generated backgrounds or environments during post-production.

In this approach, the real-time interaction with virtual elements typically takes place in post-production, where the CGI elements are composited into the footage. This technique allows for flexibility in creating diverse virtual environments, but the real-time visualization on set is limited.

Green screen has more flexibility and generally a higher output quality than LEDs, as you are able to re-process higher complexity scenes after the fact.


LED Volume Virtual

LED volume virtual production, also known as an LED wall or LED stage, employs a large display made up of interconnected LED panels that surround the physical set.

These LED screens project real-time computer-generated backgrounds or environments directly onto the screens during filming.

The virtual environments are synchronized with the camera's movements and provide interactive lighting and reflections on the actors and physical objects.

This approach enables the real-time visualization of the virtual elements on set, creating a more immersive and interactive production experience. The image in LEDs is final pixel, which does not allow for further processing.

Virtual Production Capabilities

Creative Development

Virtual Art Department

3D Plate Capture & Environment Scanning

Custom Unreal Environment Builds

Turnkey LED Volume & VP Green Screen

Full VP Post Production & VFX

Our Virtual Production Process

We make Virtual Production more practical and accessible than ever. With a world class team, end-to-end and a process you can trust to give astonashing results every time.

Creative Alignment

Virtual Environment Design & Development

Physical & Virtual Production Build

Production Shooting

Post Production & Delivery

Let Your Imagination Run Wild.

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