This immersive 4 part docu-series follows Torsten Gross, a fearless quadriplegic race car driver fighting for his place in the high profile leagues of performance racing.


Through this project, we‘re on a mission to create awareness and help fund the life changing efforts of the Just Hands foundation which gives people in a wheelchair an opportunity to experience what‘s possible behind the wheel of a race car.

Show Updates

November 9, 2023

EP 3 Update: Torsten Completes Daytona 24hr Endurance Race!

Last week, our team traveled to Daytona and filmed episode 3 of this series, capturing an exciting and pivotal race! Torsten exceeded expectations by finishing 8th out of 28 competitors in his second-ever race and first time at Daytona. Despite the unique challenges posed by the track's banking setup, he skillfully climbed six positions over four races. Torsten completed four individual stints at 7 PM, 1 AM, 6 AM, and noon, racing solo for a total of 172 minutes. A standout moment for Torsten was his duel with a TCR BMW M3. He strategically outmaneuvered his opponent and seized the lead, crossing the finish line just 0.05 seconds ahead. Yokohama tires played a crucial role in this victory. The event also had a significant presence of hand control drivers, including Drew Ewing and Nathalie McGloin, making it a remarkable race for the adaptive sports community!

October 18, 2023

New additions to Torsten's Team 🏁

We’ve partnered with Former F1 Haas team manager, Dave O’Neal and Esses Racing who will be Torsten’s team.

October 18, 2023

Episode 3 spoiler 🚨

Torsten will be doing the Daytona 24hr race as the main spectacle of episode 3 against some of the top drivers

October 17, 2023

Enter Cameron Lawrence...

Cameron Lawrence will be joining Torsten’s team for the WRL endurance race at Cota! Cameron holds the record for the fastest lap time on the Cota track.

October 16, 2023

Welcome aboard Joey Logano!

2X NASCAR Champ, Joey Logano is officially partnering with us for the series & campaign

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